Friday, May 13, 2011

"I Breathe Souls"

The sky breeds logic,
The earth passion,
The atmosphere our souls,
For you I would reverse the world round.

I weigh no more than my soul,
Like a dandelion laughing in the wind,
I seed myself in pavement, as the sky rends,
And watch logic grow in the ground.

I am no more than a tribal dance,
Like a wolf feeding on dirt and grass,
I hunger because my heart never rests,
Passion drifts, no longer earthly bound.

I breathe souls,
Inhale, exhale, lives in transit, they come and go,
The smoke of a thousand souls, all that I’ve known,
Dark lashes of the earth’s soil turn round, sift skywards,
The clouds darken and look like dirt.

I know you’re here,
Where logic grows in the ground,
Where passion is no longer earthly bound,
Where your soul is sound, safe,
For when all is burnt,
The sky will clear.