Monday, April 4, 2011

"Like a Shiver"

Like a shiver,
That runs through your body,
Rain drizzling electric through your veins!

Fog holds up traffic,
Red light pours through dimlit stairways,
Touch radiates like a thing alive, with its own malice,
Oh, I know it’s impossible, then
to help me, learn me, love me.

I am the multifarious nature of being!
I am the wind that cannot stay in one place too long,
I am the journey that led you here, where you will soon forget,
I am the moss that is tread underfoot.

Do I not summarize myself neatly?

I do not want to leave,
I want to hold him, here, warm, breathing,
Fires raging but I keep my mouth shut because the words will come out broken,
And my point lost, most likely.

He is looking at me,
Saying things to make me want to take off my clothes,
To help me rationalize the act and stop thinking,
But I can’t stop thinking, my mind’s churning, and my stomach hurts,
It hurts like a dead stone aching to break into beautiful, golden sand.

His touch recedes violently, and with only murmurs,
I sift away in the night.

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