Monday, April 4, 2011

"Moral Posture"

Sit this way now, darling, don’t hold your head like that,
Feet straight, toes arched,
Muscles tensed in ways thought to be pleasurable.

Jigsaw spine ironed straight in childhood,
Now hold yourself,
Like a woman experiencing a fertile wave of vulnerability.

Smile lucid, bright,
Eyes flicker flutter and focus,
Shoulders down now, dear, don’t look so uptight.

Lips open, breathe quiet,
A glance of straight teeth,
Glimmering like temptation on a Sunday afternoon.

Lips stained, but not so dark-
Tramps don’t get what they want.

The curve of your cheek must be distinct, yet supple,
Tense your ear muscles when posing for a picture,
It’s more high-brow.

Shoulders back to reveal your delicate neck,
Flatter yourself,
By pleasing others.

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